Bill Paying

We can start with sorting your mail. We will create a budget and spending plan for you to follow or we can do it for you (this is often the best since things are always changing). We have been able to drastically increase people's credit scores with our bill paying techniques. We will write your checks for you to sign, or pay bills digitally. Then each month when your new statements come we will reconcile your checking, savings and credit card accounts.

Tax Record Preparation

We don't prepare your taxes, we prepare your records for your tax preparer. I have had clients tell me that we saved them a lot of money and time when they went to the CPA, plus helped them to get a bigger refund. If you don't already have a CPA, we have some referrals for you.

Helping Hand

Other things we can help you with:
> Providing general organizational and project management assistance with mail, papers and other areas as needed.

> Internet research

> Digitize your files then shred what you don't want
> We also like working with photos and can digitize and edit your photos for sharing

> Referring clients to other professional services i.e. legal, tax, investment professionals, maintenance, home improvements and community resources

> Have someone coming to your house and can't wait or don't feel comfortable being there alone to answer questions etc., let us know before you set that appointment and we can set it with you then stay with you or for you.

‚ÄčYour Happiness, Brings us Great Joy