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Notary of Public

Why did owner, Michelle, become a Notary of Public?

Several years ago one of my bosses had me become a notary, and recently I reinstated my commission and this is why.

One day when I was processing a client’s paperwork, I saw a check and on the memo line it said “with thanks – notary svcs”. The check was for $65. I asked her what the check was all about. She said she needed something notarized and the woman at the front desk was “kind enough” to notarize it for her.

I turned off the time-clock, told her this was never going to happen to her again if I can help it, and I went on Virginia’s website to renew my notary commission. I told my client that that woman was being paid by her employer (the nursing home), so I didn't understand why she would charge her at all, plus the legal limit is $5 when you go to the notary. Since renewing my commission I have notarized for her several times... and because I was already there performing Daily Money Management services I did not even charge her the $5.

What is a Notary of Public?

In short, a Notary of Public is a commissioned impartial witness by the Secretary of State. They have the power to witness the signing of documents and administer oaths. They most often are required to ensure a signer’s identity and willingness to sign a document.

Notaries are public officials who owe primary allegiance to the state's laws and people.

What is a Mobile Notary?

Same as a Notary of Public accept a Mobile Notary comes to you within the same state they are commissioned.

What is a Remote Online Notary (RON)?

Same as a Notary of Public accept that a Remote Online Notary uses the Internet to notarize and, in the case of Virginia (our commissioned state), can notarize for you regardless of where we are and regardless of where you are at the time of notarization. the signer personally appears before the Notary at the time of notarization using audio-visual technology over the Internet. The signer's ID is checked both through KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication) and by the notary over the Internet. When notarizing the Notary will apply a digital seal and in our state of Virginia, we will apply our digital certificate (signature).

Did you know that Virginia was the first state to pass a bill for RON in 2013?

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Everyone 18 or older should have a "Power of Attorney" ready

Ask about the FREE "Power of Attorney" document we can provide you and our next Notary Day

What is a "Power of Attorney" and why should I have one?​

A "Power of Attorney" (Attorney-in-Fact) is someone that you (the Principal) gives the power to perform for you in the manor that you choose usually for financial or medical purposes.

You may go on a long trip and need to have someone take over your finances while you are gone. You may be in an accident and need someone to cover things while you recover. You may become incapacitated and you need someone you trust to take over (because after becoming incapacitated you can't assign someone). There are many reasons you may need a Power of Attorney (POA) and there are many different types of POAs. You want to get the paperwork and have it on hand  hand and ready for whatever situation arises where you need one.

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